REM 2030 Driving Profiles Database

In general, the database is free of charge if it is used for non-commercial purposes in research and education. However, a nominal fee is imposed if commercial use of the database is intended. In both cases, the use of the database is bound to stipulations and is only allowed with the approval of the data owner.

Please note our terms and conditions of use: Terms of use, Nutzungsbedingungen.

  • a. As a student, you can order the data for your Bachelor's or Master's Thesis. Please contact your supervisor, as data are provided to the university as research institute and not to the student as a private person.
  • b. For companies, we charge a token fee of 1000 €.
  • c. For ordering the data please write an email to Till Gnann or Patrick Plötz with the following information: Name, first name, institution, position, and a statement that you accept the conditions and terms of use.





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